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"The limits of accuracy (of a soil's analysis) generally is determined by the sample, not by the analysis ... A sampling tool should provide a sampling unit that is uncontaminated, approximately uniform in cross section to the desired depth, and reproducible."

Dr. M. G. Cline
Professor of Soils
Cornell University

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The Oakfield line of soil sampling equipment has been used by professionals for nearly 50 years. Our record of providing quality products and customer service is recognized as outstanding in the industry.

The product line includes implements suitable for use by government agencies, Universities, growers, gardeners, for pesticide residue sampling and many other investigations. The convenience of interchangeable parts and the ability to attach tubes and augers to power equipment makes Oakfield products the most complete and utilized products today.

OAKFIELD Soil Samplers, made of multi-plated steel to resist abrasive action of soil, are built for hard use under all kinds of conditions and in all types of soils. Each part is carefully machined and constructed to be completely adaptable in any combination of units.

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