Frozen Soil Sampling Bucket Kit

Frozen Soil Sampling Bucket Kit

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This compacted soil sampling kit quickly takes samples in the toughest of conditions using an extreme heavy duty auger. It is perfect for obtaining composite soil samples in frozen or hard compacted soil. The soil probe assembles/disassembles quickly and is easy to decontaminate. Simply by drilling down and back up the soil is lifted into the collection bucket. No mess!

This soil sampling kit includes our toughest Corkscrew Auger with a sharp, carbide tip to chew through any soil condition and for long lasting durability. The 12" Heavy Duty Spiral Auger is 1 1/4" in diameter and has a double twist with 2 1/4" twist. The auger sections are 8" long with 4" shanks.

The Hex Adapter connects the Heavy Duty Spiral Auger to any ½” chuck drill. Also included is a 12” Extension Rod to sample further into the soil or to help from bending. All soil sampling components are interchangeable so you can easily add parts, like additional extension, as needed.

A quality constructed 1 Gallon Plastic Pail with metal handle collects the sample.  There is a drilled hole, approximately 1 ¾” in diameter, in the center of the bottom of the pail.  

A steel Footplate keeps the probe in place with a 3 1/4" vertical sleeve, and allows for a clean, representable sample. The footplate includes an O Ring and Washer to hold the soil sampling pail onto the footplate.

The Frozen Soil Bucket Kit includes:

  • One - 12” Spiral Auger
  • One - Steel Footplate
  • One - Drilled Soil Collection Bucket
  • One - 12" Extension Rod
  • One - Hex Adapter

How To Use:

Step on the footplate while running the auger into the ground through the hole in the soil collection bucket. Simply drill down and back up with your drill in clockwise rotation.  Lift soil shavings up so they spill into the bucket. Once your sample is collected simply lift the bucket from the footplate to transfer the soil into a storage container.

Made in the USA.

SKU: #1000-18

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