Soil Probes

Why Oakfield Apparatus Soil Sampling Probes?
✓ Leading soil sampling manufacturer for over 60 years!
✓ Built to last.
✓ Interchangeable parts.
✓ Made in USA.
✓ Nickel chrome plated for extra rust, tarnish and corrosion resistance.

Oakfield Apparatus soil sampling probes are commonly used to extract a small diameter sample of a soil core from the ground for analysis. Soil sampling is key to determining what a soil needs to be healthy and productive. The most critical step in a soil test is collecting a representative sample. That's why it's important to use high quality, professional soil samplers that Oakfield Apparatus can provide. We offer a wide range of soil probes including take-apart kits, one-piece probes, closed-tube probes, and a variety of tips to go along with them.

We proudly make all our products in the USA.



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