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Complete Soil Sampling Kit

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The Complete Soil Sampling Kit is our most extensive kit. This kit has it all! It includes everything you need for cutting and drawing samples. All premium parts are interchangeable and can be used in a variety of soils; from dry, wet, stony to extremely hard or frozen soil.

This versatile, deluxe kit gives you the power to customize your tool for your specific sampling need every time you use it. You can build a soil probe or auger, and lengthen your tool with ample extension rods. The included footjack lets you apply pressure with your foot, leaving you hands free to turn the auger or sampler.

It comes with a convenient, custom, carrying case so you can safely transport your equipment. The heavy duty aluminum storage case features a textured surface for damage and mar resistance, rounded corners for safety, and extra pouches and sleeves for added storage. The carry handles have locking latches with 2 keys included for security, while the foam insert keeps everything in place. Case measures 18"L x 14"W x 6"H.

This is a great gift for the outdoorsman who already has it all! 

The Complete Soil Sampling Kit includes: 

  • One - Heavy Duty Auger 
  • One - 15” Soil Tube 
  • One - 12” Handle 
  • Three - 12” Extension Rods 
  • One - Dry tip 
  • One - Regular tip 
  • One - Wet tip 
  • One - Heavy Duty tip
  • One - Tip Wrench 
  • Two - Flat Wrench
  • One - Hand Brace 
  • One - Foot Jack 
  • One - 9.25" Cleaning brush & dowel
  • One - Protective carrying case

Made in the USA.

SKU: Model Z

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