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Hubco Protexo Soil Sampling Bags


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Hubco "Protexo" sampling bags are the best way to store and preserve geological samples. Don't risk losing the precious samples you worked so hard to take. These high quality soil sampling bags resist punctures and breakage, and keep each sample organized with a special tag for efficiency. 

Bags are made from high count cloth, bleached and backfilled, equipped with a white polished drawstring, making them incredibly strong. Sewn in the side of the bag is a 2" x 3" Golden Magic Mark water-proof, insect-proof, and mildew-proof tag that is guaranteed to keep pencil marks legible under any condition. The yellow tag is printed with a standard form to keep your samples organized. Tag contains forms for Section, Township, Range, Well #, Company, Lease Name and also Sampling Depth. Can withstand temperatures up to 375-400 degrees.  

Sold in dispenser carton of 100 bags. Comes in a variety of sizes. 

  • Strong
  • Tightly Stitched
  • Closely Woven
  • Sift Proof
  • Water, insect and mildew proof
  • “Golden Magic Mark” tag
  • Keeps even ordinary pencil marks legible

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