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Tall Soil Auger Kit

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The Tall Soil Auger Kit is a great back-saving option for anyone looking for a hand auger. It is best for breaking hard soils and sampling most soil types when there is not a need for a clean or undisturbed sample. When put together the Tall Auger probe measures 42", so it reduces bending while drilling. 

The spiral auger shape is excellent for boring holes quickly. It is 1 1/4" in diameter and has a double twist with a 2 1/2" pitch. The auger section is 8 1/2" long with a 4" shank. The kit includes our longest extension rod, a 30" strong, nickel chrome plated steel rod for extra rust, tarnish and corrosion resistance. The components can be taken apart for easy storage.

The Tall Auger Kit includes:

  • One - 12" handle 
  • One - 30" extension rod 
  • One - 12" auger

Made with the exceptional workmanship and materials, our augers are finely machined for smooth, easy sampling, and long-lasting durability. All Oakfield Apparatus augers are constructed of high-grade nickel chrome plated steel for extra rust, tarnish and corrosion resistance. All soil sampling components are interchangeable so you can easily add parts as needed.

Made in the USA.

SKU: Model S

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