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ATV Soil Collection Accessory

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The ATV-Mounted Soil Collection Accessory includes a soil holder bucket and two soil probe cleaning attachments to maximize the efficiency of your soil sampling.  Includes a precision ejector tab cleaning appendage and a soil probe tip punch to clear stubborn soil. The bucket tilts down to ease soil transfer to a collection bag. The simple universal mounting bracket makes it compatible with nearly any ATV with steel racks.

The bucket has a working volume of 181 cubic inches, or 3.14 quart.  This works out to be about 3 pounds of soil, depending on soil structure/moisture/etc. It can hold approximately twenty 0-8" cores from a 3/4" diameter soil probe.

Constructed of 100% stainless steel with a 10 guage stainless steel laser cut and CNC formed pan, and 7 ga. s/s CNC formed mounting bracket, it's built to be incredibly durable and reliable. 

The do-it-all adjunct supplements soil probes, reduces operator fatigue, and increases productivity. The SS Delta ATV Soil Collection Accessory helps you maximize speed, efficiency, and comfort in your demanding soil sample collection operation.  Tested on over 10,000 acres and 30,000 cores, and works well with Oakfield Apparatus soil samplers.

Made in the USA.

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