ATV Soil Collection Bundle

ATV Soil Collection Bundle

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The ATV Soil Collection Bundle includes a Classic Footstep Soil Probe and an ATV Soil Sampling Accessory for maximum speed, precision, and efficiency of your sampling. 

The Classic Footstep Soil Probe is a 36" one-piece soil sampler with added welded-on footstep. This is our most popular soil probe because of it's durability, size, and ease of use. It has an 12" soil tube and a replaceable, screw-on Regular Soil Tip. A 5" handle is welded on to the probe for convenience. As a single unit, it's incredibly durable and there's nothing to take apart, so it's easy to grab and go.  

The ATV-Mounted Soil Collection Accessory has a soil bucket and two soil probe cleaning attachments. A precision ejector tab cleaning appendage and a soil probe tip punch help clear stubborn soil. The bucket tilts down to ease soil transfer to a collection bag. The simple universal mounting bracket makes it compatible with nearly any ATV with steel racks. The bucket has a working volume of 3.14 quarts, approximately twenty 0-8" cores from a 3/4" diameter soil probe.

This is the best sampling combination for anyone using an ATV to take soil samples.

Made in the USA.

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