Auger Power Kit

Auger Power Kit

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The Auger Power Kit was designed to core through soil using any 1/2" power drill you like. It is best for breaking hard soils and sampling most soil types when there is not a need for a clean or undisturbed sample.

Included is a hex adapter drill attachment that hooks up to any 1/2" power drill so you can easily chew through compact, tough, or soft soil. 

The spiral auger shape is excellent for boring holes quickly - combined with using a power drill it dramatically speeds up the process of augering. The spiral auger is constructed of high-grade nickel chrome plated steel for extra rust, tarnish and corrosion resistance. It is 12" long, 1 1/4" in diameter, and has a double twist with 2 1/4" twist. The auger sections are 8" long with 4" shanks.

Also included in the kit are two extension rods that can be used together or separately depending on your sampling needs. When both extension rods are used the auger probe extends to 36" to save your back from bending and allows for deeper sampling. All parts are interchangeable so you can add parts as needed (see extra parts).

The Auger Power Kit includes:

  • One - 12" Regular Spiral Auger 
  • One - Hex Adapter
  • Two - 12" Extension rods 
  • One - 13" Heavy fiberboard case

Made in the USA.

SKU: Model 1F

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