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Auger / Hay Sampler Probe Hand Brace #120

Hand Brace

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The Hand Brace is used for easily boring holes in order to sample soil, hay, forage, or other. You simply crank the handle to turn and the probe will bore down further. It can be used interchangeably with our augers and hay tubes. The non-slip grip on the handle makes it easy to use in all conditions.

Additional benefits of using a hand brace is that it is quiet, allows good accuracy for hole positioning, and can be lighter to carry than a powered drill.

Related Accessories (sold separately):

    • Regular Auger - Break up compact, stony, or gravelly soil that is hard to sample in, or clear away the top layer of soil if you want to sample deeper.
    • Heavy Duty Auger - For use in extremely hard or frozen soil. It is additionally tipped in carbide to make it even stronger.
    • Open Hay/Forage Tube and Tip - For easy extraction, visual inspection, and cleaning. Comes with Serrated Tip.
    • Closed Hay/Forage Tube and Tip - Use if concerned about cross-contamination of your hay sample. Comes with Serrated Tip.


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