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tall auger kit in-use model s

Tall Auger Kit

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The Tall Auger Kit is a great back-saving option for anyone looking for a hand auger. When put together the Tall Auger Kit measures 42", so it reduces bending while drilling. The auger is 1 1/4" in diameter and has a double twist with a 2 1/2" pitch. The auger section is 8 1/2" long with a 4" shank. The kit includes our longest extension rod, a 30" strong, nickel chrome plated steel rod for extra rust, tarnish and corrosion resistance. The components can be taken apart for easy storage.

The Tall Auger Kit includes:

  • One - 12" handle 
  • One - 30" extension rod 
  • One - 12" auger

Made with the exceptional workmanship and materials, our augers are finely machined for smooth, easy sampling, and long-lasting durability. All Oakfield Apparatus augers are constructed of high-grade nickel chrome plated steel for extra rust, tarnish and corrosion resistance. All soil sampling components are interchangeable so you can easily add parts as needed.

Related Accessories (sold separately):

  • Hex Adapter  - Hooks the auger up to any 1/2" hand drill for added power. 
  • 12" Soil Tube and Tip - All soil tubes will fit onto the extension rods that comes with this kit, so instead of buying a whole new probe, you can extend the versatility of your equipment by just buying a new soil tube.
  • Heavy Duty Auger - For use in extremely hard or frozen soil. It is additionally tipped in carbide to make it even stronger.
  • 9 1/4" cleaning brush - Gives the auger a thorough cleaning and assures consistent samples.



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