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Closed Hay/Forage Tube and Tip

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The Closed Hay/Forage Tube avoids cross-contamination while extracting samples from hay bales. 

The hay tube is approximately 18" in length and will take a sample that is 3/4" in diameter. There is a plug at the top of the tube to keep the sample completely encased until you are ready for extraction. Firmly press the pin down to remove the plug at the top of the tube to extracted the sample. We recommend using a Tip Wrench to press the pin down. The tube is extra strong to withstand any twisting during sampling. The tube comes with a replaceable, screw-on Serrated Tip that comfortably cuts through hay.

Made with exceptional workmanship and materials, our hay tubes are finely machined for smooth, easy sampling, and long-lasting durability. They are constructed of heavy stainless steel. All hay sampling components are interchangeable so you can add parts as needed.

Related Accessories (sold separately):

    • Dowel rod for closed hay tube - specifically designed to fit the closed hay tube in order to easily remove the sample by pushing the rod up from the bottom of the tube.
    • Hand Brace - Makes boring holes manually into the hay bale possible by simply cranking the handle. 
    • Hex Adapter - Used to hook our hay tubes up to any 1/2" hand drill if you want to add more power.
    • 12" Extension Rod - Provides added length to the hay probe.  You can add multiple of these extension rods to your probe.
    • 30" Extension Rod - Provides the most length to your hay probe if you need to sample deep into a large bale.
    • 22" Cleaning Brush - Gives the hay probe a thorough cleaning, helping to ensure a clean, accurate sample.
    • Open Hay/Forage Tube and Tip - For easy extraction, visual inspection, and cleaning.



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